Teri Faragher Featured in June 2016 Bulletin on Domestic Violence Prevention

Legacy Snapshot

bv Barbara Hart

Legacy Column: Teri Faragher

Teri Faragher is one outrageous

woman! As a young adult, Teri discovered

that there was much to be learned

by crossing boundaries, be they cultural,

geographic, or disciplinary.

June 2016 Bulletin on Domestic Violence Prevention


UK Professor Helps Develop Online Assessment for Stalking Victims


LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 10, 2015) — TK Logan, professor in the University of Kentucky Department of Behavioral Science and the Center on Drug & Alcohol Research, and a team of researchers recently launched an online assessment for victims of stalking and harassment.

“Kentucky has the highest rate of stalking in the nation: one in four women in Kentucky will be stalked compared to one in six nationally,” Logan said. “To help address this issue, we have translated 20 years of research into a tool for use by a variety of audiences. We are proud that something like this came from research in Kentucky where we need to do something about the prevalent issue of stalking to protect victims, children, and communities.”

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